Corporate Governance

A solid operational infrastructure, high degree of transparency, rigorous asset controls with a stringent asset management and a proprietary risk management system as well as efficient cost structures enable the Group to achieve significant economies of scale and strong corporate governance.

General principles of management

For us, Corporate Governance stands for the transparent, responsible and purposeful implementation of international and national regulation as well as for our values and principles. The below guidelines reflect the Corporate Governance requirements of the entire Crédit Financial Group.

The guidelines of Crédit Financial Group are regularly reviewed based on the development of national and international standards and regulatory requirements and are adjusted accordingly.

In the performance of their tasks, the management board and board of directors as well as the employees of Crédit Financial Group fully identify themselves with the Corporate Governance guidelines.

Best Execution policy

As a management company Crédit Financial Group is obliged to provide investors with adequate information regarding the best execution of trades. The Best Execution Policy includes principles for the implementation of decisions relating to the purchase or sale of assets.

Guidelines on the exercise of voting rights

The safeguarding of the interests of investors also includes the possibility to exercise voting rights at shareholders’ meetings.

Crédit Financial Group exerts stock voting right in the investor’s interest at general meetings directly or indirectly through an authorised body on the basis of the hereby established guidelines.

Principles of Dealing with Conflicts of Interest

For an asset management company with a broad client base, conflicts of interest can arise in a number of situations. Due to the accordance with statutory provisions and guidelines we have a number of systems and control mechanisms in place with regard to dealing with conflicts to protect our clients from disadvantages.

Information on the Complaints Procedure

The satisfaction of our customers is of utmost priority to us. We have therefore established a point of entry for complaints which you can turn to if you want to convey criticism. Alongside with the compliance of legal guidelines, your comments are valuable to us to be able to continuously optimise our processes.