Real Assets

Our approach adheres to our Group investment philosophy of risk control, consistency and bottom-up analysis. The Real Estate team works in close collaboration with other investment teams and an established investors network of high quality partners throughout the research and investment management process.


Our real assets platform capitalizes on our Group’s global footprint, multi-disciplinary capabilities, extensive network of industry experts, and key relationships with operating partners. We adhere to our Group’s investment philosophy, emphasizing the purchase of assets – or liens on assets – where we believe the relationship between risk and return is asymmetrical and where we believe relationships and a knowledge advantage can make a significant positive impact on our ability to successfully source, purchase, manage and exit investments.

  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure

Our real estate strategies target a diverse range of investments across nearly all areas of real estate, including core-plus, value-add and opportunistic real estate. We pursue equity and debt investments in a variety of property types in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Our extensive, global investment team is one of our Group’s largest and leverages joint-venture partnerships with over 45 high-quality real estate operators in an effort to deliver long-term outperformance across investment cycles.

Our infrastructure strategies seek to make investments primarily in American, European and Asia real assets and infrastructure-related businesses in the energy-, technology and transportation sectors, where we can achieve meaningful capital appreciation.

By focusing on assets and businesses with both downside protection and substantial upside potential, our team seeks infrastructure investments in which we can pursue value-creation strategies geared toward sustainable growth.